About us

In the start of 2008, Ankur Sharma, a creative genius in his own right, was inspired by the idea of creating a platform for the thing that he loved most – the arts. He started it out as a joint endeavor with Dimple Punjabi on a website that they put together over a fortnight. By February 2008, Culturazzi was a young and budding website, full with the inherent passion of its creators. Over time, this website was enhanced, upgraded, and filled in lovingly with information on the multifaceted areas of art. Soon, bigger horizons were charted out. Through the many visitors the website started to attract, it was obvious that people were active, interested, and curious for new information about the world of creativity around them. Ankur and Dimple were determined now in working toward making Culturazzi a world-wide phenomenon. To do this, they put together as many aspects of art into a single sphere of influence and made sure it stood out. Ever since then, Culturazzi has been consistent in showcasing and reviewing art in all forms – cinema, theatre, music, literature, photography, and fine arts. An increasing bunch of enthusiasts now work with Culturazzi to propagate the idea of artistic indulgence. From the day of inception to this day, Culturazzi has seen through many dreams, and achieved several milestones. The initiative has grown and diversified in many ways but its vision remains intact: To be an exclusive and powerful platform that increases artistic awareness, and that makes the world a culturally “flatter” place.
noun.singular. [cul-chuh-raht-tsaw]
A lover of one or many aspects of culture, mainly but not limited to cinema, literature, music, theater, photography, and fine arts. A Culturazzo is an active member of Culturazzi, and his/her activities include:
- Being an active reviewer or writer for any aspect of culture (as defined above).
- Proactively promoting the concept of Culturazzi and its ideals to anyone who is inclined to be a part of it.
- Exploring new avenues to promote Culturazzi all over the world.

A Culturazzo is determined to make the world a “culturally” flatter place by bringing people on a common platform to interact, intermingle, and communicate with each other.

Meet the Culturazzos

Culturazzi was started in February 2008 by Ankur Sharma and Dimple Punjabi in an endeavor to bring about a union of arts, media, entertainment, and education. At Culturazzi we strive to engage and inspire an assortment of art lovers by exploring and showcasing different areas of artistic expression and mediums of creativity. We cover a wide variety of art forms from across the world such as cinema, literature, theatre, music, photography, and fine arts.

Culturazzi is constantly working towards building new platforms for appreciation of deserving art. By doing this, we hope to gather and inspire a multitude of folks and strengthen the artistic milieu worldwide. If you are one such aficionado who has a penchant for solid art and loves to wallow in creativity, or simply are a curious little tinkerer, this is just the place for you!

"Although mainstream is popular, one does find tranquil in abstract things that click at once.
Culturazzi has been a phenomenal platform for the love of the unheard." - Halayudh Kumar

"Culturazzi has opened new dimensions for me in respect of art. It has introduced me to a world full of new possibilities by providing easy access to the new and ever changing trends of art. Thank you for this experience." - Malvika Seth

"I love the the "On the canvas" section within art. The works featured in this section are truly awe-inspiring . One can never tire of the different things this place has to offer." - Taarini Tewari

"The choice of music featured on Culturazzi Radio is eclectic - just perfect to relax and unwind! There's so much talent displayed on this magazine. A real oasis of the arts!" - Fabio Martinelli

"A novel approach to creativity and a place full of inspiration" - Drew Rosen

"One of the best platforms for cultural expression. Covers the finest in photography, cinema, and art." - Lisa Bassett

"Since its inception, Culturazzi has been doing astoundingly well! There's something in store for everyone here. One cannot miss out on Culturazzi TV which is the foremost attraction of this website!" - Kavya Mandanna