Ankur Sharma

Ankur, the founder of Culturazzi is an engineering graduate from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. With passions that are bafflingly eclectic Ankur’s appetite for world cinema, writing, traveling and music (or for that matter any aspect of art or culture) are unquenchable! In his professional avatar, Ankur heads Marketing for Drishti, a young, dynamic communications company, in Gurgaon, but personally, his ambition is to make Culturazzi a worldwide phenomenon. A spot on maverick in spirit, Ankur’s ambition is to dream of and materialise new ideas aimed at making the world a culturally flat, connected, and evolved place. Ankur also maintains Drishti’s corporate blog, and scribbles occasionally on his personal site.

Dimple Punjabi

Dimple, the co-founder of Culturazzi is currently working as Instructional Designer at Educomp, one of the largest education companies in India. Although she has a keen interest in books, writing, photography, and films, she can have equally enjoyable days in doing perfectly nothing. Dimple has written for Southern India publications, and hopes to be a successful creative professional someday. Ankur and Dimple work as a team to think up new ideas and realize the extraordinary heights that have been envisioned for Culturazzi.

Shubajit Lahiri

Shubhajit Lahiri might be a certified mechanical engineer, he might be a professional in the making in the hi-tech world of geeks and morons, and his so-called expertise might lie in something as abstruse as Finite Elements Mechanics, but fortunately his passion and his calling lie elsewhere. He is into something called cinema. People call him a movie lover; he calls himself a cinephile crocodile. What the heck, he loves the artistic side of life – which happens to be the very antithesis of what his corporate colleagues would have him believe. He loves books – graphic as well as the conventional ones with black prints on white paper; and he loves being fed on a heady dose of music – doesn’t matter if it’s a lyrical folksy ballad or a blast of hard rock and metal. And given a chance he would like to put the Karan Johar’s and the Kareena Kapoor’s of the world to solitary confinement for life without parole (disrespect intended), for giving his ‘love’ a bad name. You might also find his opinionated musings on films at his blog – for the uninitiated (read: those who just returned after a 300 year exploration of planet Krypton) an online diary – Cinemascope.

Leonora Pinto

Leonora is a proud member of the second oldest profession in the world (no, not that; advertising). She is known to have some rather questionable tastes and interests. Like serial killers. Like movies without happy endings and movies without clear endings at all. Like books that rudely refuse to fit neatly into any genre. Like spiders – she is, in fact, the complete opposite of an arachnophobe; arachnophile? – is that a word?; well, it is now. She likes things that make no sense – black holes, Schrodinger’s cat, time travel, people, her own head. She believes – somewhat – in little grey men and Nessie and Big Foot. She’d like to meet some of them someday. She would also like to meet one person from every country in the world. She likes stories told around people – real or imagined. She’s not very fond of stories told around plots. Plots have no life after you have heard the final word, closed the final page or seen the final credits. People do. She hopes to share some of these things she likes with you.

Sourav Roy

Working hard towards the days when he will lie down on his bed devouring books, sitcoms and movies the whole day while mouthwatering food appears beside him, whenever he is hungry. Till then, he is a full time copywriter, and a part time painter and dreamer. (Someone should tell him that day is never gonna come, but at the risk of getting repeatedly stabbed with a kitchen knife.)

Daniel Montgomery

Daniel Montgomery is a New York City-based cineaste who has been writing film reviews for ten years. In 2005, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at the University at Albany, State University of New York, with a minor concentration in Film Studies. While at the university, he served for three semesters as the Arts & Entertainment Editor of the Albany Student Press. He has self-published four books, including “Two Years at the Movies”, a collection of reviews from 2006-2007, and “The Filmic Yearbook 2008″ , his latest collection. His published reviews can also be found at Skuawk.com and at his blog, Filmic.

Stephanie Lundahl

Stephanie is a cinephile (and sometimes a movie snob) from Victoria, British Columbia. Although she has always loved movies, her passion for the subject wasn’t truly ignited until university, where she minored in film studies. In addition to contributing to Culturazzi she also runs a personal blog called The Flick Chick and, indeed, spends so much time writing about movies that she barely has time left to watch any.

Adrian Chew

Adrian Chew is a law graduate of the Australian National University and now practices as a barrister and solicitor in Malaysia. By day, he juggles the work commitments of his legal practice with that of his small bookshop and at night, struggles against time and sleepiness to indulge in reading the growing pile of new novels on his couch. Previously a movie buff, Adrian recently rediscovered his childhood passion for reading and now tries to read (and review) 2 books every month. Realizing that reading requires dedication and discipline, he started a blog reviewing books aptly named The Reading Monk – secretly hoping that by constantly criticizing other writers’ works, he’ll be turned into a  published writer himself as punishment - through some karmic phenomenon.

Pranav Dhingra

Pranav is a Masters in Business Administration (Finance) from Bombay and is working as a finance executive. He is a marketing undergraduate from the University of Delhi. Pranav’s hobbies include writing, reading, and traveling. He is very passionate about music and discovering new artists from across the world. In his spare time, he reads up on Financial, Economic and Political news, listens to a lot of music, and blogs on issues and news he feels passionate about.

Apart from Culturazzi’s Music section you can follow Pranav at Tumblr and  LinkedIn .

Andrew Cotlov

Andrew is a recent graduate from New York University where, among other things, he studied English and American Literature. He lives in New York City and is currently wandering through life while pursuing a career in writing and journalism. When he’s not writing for Culturazzi, Andrew loves taking in all the cultural capital a city like New York has to offer. When he gets a chance, and some money, he plans on traveling and soaking up all the new experiences the world has to offer as well. Andrew maintains his own blog An Economy of Words that covers life, literature, and an eclectic mix of whatever else catches his eye in the city.