What we're up to

We at Culturazzi are dedicated to providing rich and engaging content within our six main sections – Cinema, Music, Literature, Photography, Art, and Theatre. Here’s a little about what we’re up to within each of these segments.


In cinema, we strive to generate reviews and appreciation for films that fall outside the territory of mainstream cinema and blockbuster multiplexes – but that’s not say we that don’t review and value mainstream cinema. It only means we pay special attention to include classic films, independent films, experimental films, and documentaries in our list of reviews and recommendations. Culturazzi TV is a charming little feature on our website where we showcase short films worthy of praise and good publicity! Send us your short at contact@culturazzi.org - who knows, our editors might just select your film to be played on our TV!


The photography section in Culturazzi provides a platform for amateur and professional photographers to flaunt their talent and ability in taking excellent photographs. Submit your best shot and your photo might just become an overnight celebrity and find its place on the Photo of the Day section within Culturazzi!

Also watch out for handy guidelines, photographer showcases, professional photographer interviews, and a whole lot more on this space. The photography section on Culturazzi lets you explore your passion for pictures and purely works towards capturing the spirit of the Camera Obscura!


Our art section is a place for professional, aspiring, and exploring artists. Here we display all kinds of art - original art, abstract art, contemporary or digital art, sculpture, charcoal and graphite compositions, creative paintings, comic illustrations and whatever else you can think – so long as it’s inspiring, impressive, and inventive! Don’t miss checking out the On the Canvas section in Art where we feature the works of popular artists to fill you with artistic inspiration. We also publish an exceptional artwork everyday for your education and enjoyment! The art section on Culturazzi solely aims to expand and help initiate a more artistically sensitive society across the globe.


Looking for a meaningful book to read? Our literature section will most probably tell you what’s worth your time and what’s not. With a catalog of book reviews from different cultures and countries constantly being updated on our website, our aim is to get people excited about good literature and reading. The idea is to open ourselves to the world of great writers, discuss ideas, and rekindle our imagination!


We at Culturazzi strongly believe that music is undeniably the one universal language of mankind - a language we don’t have to know to understand. The music section in Culturazzi lets you discover new artists and listen to refreshingly different tunes you may have not heard of. Here we value and promote world music in all forms, many of which are unknown to so many of us. Visit our section to tell us about your own country’s or regions favorite artist and explore our recommendations. Some may be real revelations to you and your peers! You will also find tons of famous and mainstream music here. We like to encourage and share music of all kind! Come on now… Let’s think with sounds, and speak in song… get in tune with our souls, and live in harmony!


Watch out for those classic plays that are to hit your town or city! Our theatre section reviews plays from across the world and tells you what’s worth watching. Watch out for the Play of the Week section for what we consider as running hot in the theatre scene! You could also book our advertising spot to promote and present your play to the millions of theatre enthusiasts visiting our website everyday. Simply throw us an email at contact@culturazzi.org to know more!